Brewed with Excellence!

Are you into E-cigs or Vape and you are looking for a store that will provide you with E-liquids? Then let The Vapor Girl Inc. provide you with quality made E-liquids. The Vapor Girl Inc is partnered with the best companies that produce these e-liquids and all are tested and proven. These e-liquids are brewed to perfection to intensify the flavor and taste to guarantee the satisfaction of the user. You can choose from a wide variety of different types of flavors like citrus fruits, icy mints, sweet tutti frutti candy flavors, herbal types and more, they also offer VG and PG E-liquids.

So come visit them today, the shop is located at Chapel Hill, NC and vapers really recommend them to other people who are starting or looking for a vape shop that will provide them with quality vapes. You can also visit their website to look at some products and services they offer.


PHONE (919) 338-2982